Metaverse of Heroes is a series of games and applications that simulates the evolution of the Adroverse Galaxy.

Players take the role of 31st century doomsday survivors, having to fight for the survival of themselves and their fellows and at the same time build their own space cities, to conquer the universe again.



Series of 3A games and applications starting with Adroverse Battle Arena - A Collectible Card Game.

More ways to earn

Farming, Staking & Contributing, Creating Content, Trading & Investing…

Open Crowd Metanomy

Empowering the player community to produce all the NFG digigal assets in the metaverse.

Interactive NFT 2.0

With unique leveling system.


Free NFTs to start, Free-to-Play, Free-Fewards for Top Ranking of Free Players.

Attractive Rewards

70-80% revenue will be allocated into Prize Pools with a BIG JACKPOT monthly

Diverse and exciting game modes

PvE, PvP, Arena, Seasons, Tournaments - Events, Expansions.

Decentralized MetaFi Platform

With open spaces: DeFi, Games & Applications...

Core Team