NFT Token Teleport

Cross-chain Bridge and P2P Exchange

Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain


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I bring intelligent life forms into the Metaverse, enabling cross-chain opportunities and defining standards for whole NFT industry
I bring intelligent life and liquidity into new Binance Smart Chain galaxy, beaming any token from any blockchain into the BSC.
It means I can teleport your NFTs across any blockchains.
It means I can teleport your tokens across any blockchains.

Just connect your wallet and say

Yes, NFTs too! Just connect your wallet and say

"Beam me up, Scotty!"

Beam NFT tokens across ETH, BSC, Polygon, SOL, DOT, FLOW and others

Beam NFT tokens across Ethereum and BSC chains.

Create your NFT tokens in any chain in one click

Create b-Tokens for beaming new tokens into BSC.

Verify token origin and price, view trading history, prove the ownership

Create API for BSC NFT-market projects to verify tokens locked between chains.

Exchange NFT tokens with friends and community

Make BSC a docking station for all blockchains:

  • Explore your NFTs in cross-chain gallery
  • Share your collections & estimate its value
  • Exchange NFTs in peer-to-peer trade
  • Create a bridge from HECO chain to BSC
  • Create a bridge from OkEX chain to BSC
  • Create a bridge from Solana to BSC
  • Create a bridge from Polkadot to BSC

Partnerships with NFT services to enable cross-chain opportunities

Create API to let intelligent life beam tokens automatically.

Scotty’s Flight Map

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